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Rotary magazine is one of the leading background magazines in the German-speaking world. It stands for high-quality journalistic content from an independent perspective. A timeless layout underlines the character of a unique magazine with unique content. A perfect environment for brands with high standards: Rotary magazine reaches top decision-makers and multipliers from business and society – a premium readership which places the highest demands on journalistic and aesthetic quality in both words and pictures. Internationally oriented and therefore "open minded", Rotary magazine offers a distinctive mix of topics each month, consisting of Rotarian focal points and socially relevant reading material.

Rotary magazine covers current and exciting developments happening throughout the world by means of sophisticated stories. The magazine offers a diverse range of content, which includes special topics such as education, cultural festivals and health. Rotary magazine builds a bridge between you and an exclusive readership: opinion leaders with high purchasing power and social commitment.

Strong reasons to advertise with us

  • High journalistic standards with the claim of a consumer magazine
  • Our target group consists of decision-makers in business, politics and society. They have a high purchasing power, are internationally oriented and therefore "open minded", but nevertheless still have social objectives.
  • Wide reach and no waste coverage. Each magazine is delivered personalised.

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Please find detailed information in our media pack 2021.

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