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Aktuell - Das Project ROZANA
Von der Zusammenarbeit israelischer und palästinensischeer Mediziner profitiert die ganze Region. © Dalia Finkel

Health Diplomacy nennen die Initiatoren als Ziel des Projektes ROZANA, das Traumatisierten Hilfe bringen soll. Gründer Ron Finkel schrieb diese Zeilen nach Beginn des Krieges in Nahost.


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Ron Finkel, Grüner von ROZANA © privat

These are particularly hard and challenging days for peacebuilders; individuals and groups like, Project Rozana, dedicated to building cross-border, people-to-people relationships between Israelis and Palestinians.

The horrific massacre of innocent Israeli civilians and the abduction of many others by Hamas led to a significant Israeli military response.The focus of Israel’s current war is Hamas, but, inevitably and sadly, many Gazans have died as the battles unfold. The West Bank, also, has seen daily clashes between Palestinian and the Israeli army. The stark reality of this has been felt in hospitals across the region, now overwhelmed with the critically wounded. It is against this backdrop that the bond between an Israeli Jewish trauma physician, Dr. Adam Goldstein, and his Palestinian counterpart, Dr. Tamer Jreis, becomes a powerful narrative of hope.

Together, they lead Operating Together, an initiative that transcends borders, delivering critical care and sharing expertise to benefit both Israeli and Palestinian communities. In partnership with Project Rozana, they've been pivotal in providing the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) program, a first for many Palestinian physicians due to previous accessibility challenges. This effort, kickstarted by a Rotary International Global Grant, is a testament to what can be achieved when we work as one.

The physicians' WhatsApp group, formed from the ATLS program, stands as a microcosm of the larger peacebuilding effort. Even as war rages, these doctors maintain their dialogue, their shared knowledge, and their commitment to patient care—only two have stepped away, a remarkable testament to their unity.

As Adam and Tamer poignantly put it, "Everything in our region is violently changing, yet this is the exact time that we need to remember the core of Operating Together - to optimize patient care to anyone in front of us... Only together will the patient receive the absolute best care." Their message is clear: solidarity in the face of adversity can lead to exceptional outcomes.

This enduring alliance among healthcare professionals, amid the conflict, illustrates the profound impact of Project Rozana's vision. It is an affirmation that investing in skills and development—rather than solely providing aid—empowers individuals and supports the journey towards peace.

Through these stories and missions, the overlapping values of Rotary and Project Rozana become evident. It is in the spirit of shared goals that we continue our work, fostering connections that can withstand even the greatest of challenges.

* Rozana, is an international NGO based in Switzerland, with active affiliates around the globe. Rozana is dedicated to the mission of peacebuilding through health. Its focus is Israel and Palestine, but its message is global. It is a message that aligns with the Peace objectives of Rotary.

Ron Finkel
RC Southbank ESG